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Welcome to my website, I’ve started it in May 2018. Have a look at articles below and About me page too!

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  • Goldratt was right! ToC practitioners roadshow 2019 - report

    I’ve visited ToC Practitioners Roadshow 2019, an event dedicated to Theory of constraints. It was organized by ToC+ Institute earlier this month in 5 cities in Poland. I wanted to share my experience after touring Kraków and Warsaw editions.
  • DRAFT: Your team vs kebab place. Theory of Constraints exploration for software development!

    Theory of Constraints (ToC) is associated mainly with flow optimization in manufacturing. It's about manufacturing as much as it is about kebab restaurants and software development. Manufacturing, running kebab place and building software are all operations and Theory of Constraints is about operations. That is why I will compare operations of two kebab places I am a client of. We can then find analogies to software development and learn!
  • Decreasing unit tests feedback loop down to milliseconds with PHPUnit inside Docker

    Goal of the article is to present simple and convenient solution for running PHP unit tests inside Docker containers. It’s aimed at day-to-day development in Test Driven Development manner. Exemplary GitHub project included!

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